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Ghassan E. Moukheiber - Curriculum Vitae - English
Member of the Lebanese Parliament, representing the Metn district since 2002, member of the “Change and Reform” parliamentary group. Member of the parliamentary Law and Administration committee and Rapporteur of the parliamentary Human Rights committee and member of the parliamentary Environment committee . Chairman of the "Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption" organization and Chariman of the Lebanese Chapter "Lebanese Parliamentarians Against Corruption" and Member of the “Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (“GOPAC”).

Lawyer, (U.S.J. Law Lic. ’81 and Harvard Law School LL.M. ’83).

A long time activist in a number of Lebanese civil society organizations dealing with the areas of human rights, anti-corruption, democratization, the rule of law and conflict resolution. Board member of the Association for the Defense of Rights and Liberties (“A.D.D.L.”).

University Lecturer, taught, lectured and wrote extensively in the various subjects of his above-mentioned commitments.


Member of the Lebanese Parliament (Metn District), since October 2002.
Member of the “Change and Reform” parliamentary group. In political and electoral alliance with the Free Patriotic Movement (headed by MP Gen. Michel Aoun).
  • Rapporteur of the parliamentary Human Rights Committee
  • Member of the parliamentary Law and Administration Committee.
  • Member of the parliamentary Environment Committee
Mr. Moukheiber is member of a number of regional and international parliamentary associations, particularly:
  • Chairman of the "Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption" organization and, Chairman of the Lebanese Chapter of this regional organization the “Lebanese Parliamentarians Against Corruption”, and Member of the “Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption” (GOPAC) .
  • Chair of the Global Working group established by GOPAC on political and parliamentary ethics.
  • Member of the “Parliamentary Network on the World Bank” (PNoWB).
  • Member of “Parliamentarians for Global Action”, an organization dedicated to the development of democracy and the rule of law, particularly promoting the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  • Member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on Orthodoxy.
Attorney-At-Law with the Beirut Bar Association (since 1981):
  • LL.M. '83 Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, USA.
  • Law Licence ‘81, St-Joseph University Law School, Beirut, Lebanon;
  • Enrolled in the Doctorate program of the Paris II Law School (1989). Dissertation interrupted.
  • Since a deputy, Mr. Moukheiber has practically frozen his professional legal practice to concentrate on politics and civil society involvement.
Long-time civil society activist, mainly within the areas of human rights, anti-corruption, democratization, the rule of law, environment and heritage protection.
Mr. Moukheiber is still active in the following organizations:
  • Founder, past president and current Board member of the “Association for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms”; in the latter capacity, he also acts as coordinator of the “Arab Initiative for the Freedom of Association”
  • Founder and member of the National Council of the “civic Center for National Initiative”, which is a think-tank committed to the formulation of practical propositions for the establishment in Lebanon of a Civic State, including by testing is fundamental propositions through the necessary research, studies and dialogues, and by developing this project through implementable actions.
  • Founder and President of the “Lebanese Band Association for the Promotion of Music” (“LeBAM”), which offers free teaching of Music on wind and percussion instruments for youth and organize them on symphonic bands throughout Lebanon.
Other organizations co-founded by Mr. Moukheiber are:
  • “Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE)”;
  • “Lebanese Transparency Association – Laa Fassaad”;
  • “Lebanon Conflict Resolution Network (LCRN)”;
  • “National Heritage Foundation”
  • “Group for the protection of the Kadisha Valley”
  • “Group for the protection of the Beirut Valley”
  • “Al-Bustan International Festival of Performing Arts”.
Mr. Moukheiber was also member of the governing bodies of the following organizations:
  • Rapporteur for the Beirut Bar Association’s “Human Rights Committee”
  • The Balamand University’s “Observatory of Inter-Religious Community Relations”.
  • The Lebanese Bankers Association’s legal committee,
  • The International Executive Committee of the “World Alliance of the YMCAs” (Geneva)
  • The “Scouts Du Liban”.
University Lecturer
  • Currently, lecturer at the St. Joseph University’s faculty of Law and political science in Beirut, teaching a seminar on human rights. .
  • He has taught a number of courses and seminars on conflict resolution, arbitration and mediation at a number of universities (USEK, AUB, USJ) as well as in a number of specialized public and private workshops (since 1985).
  • Mr. Moukheiber has lectured, written and published extensively about the subjects covered by the areas of his civil society/political involvements, e.g. various aspects of human rights, particularly about freedom of association, the rule of law, the judiciary and its independence, electoral systems, democracy, civil society and anti-corruption measures, protection of environment and heritage and, most recently, about parliamentary reform.
  • Single, born December 8, 1958 in Beit-Mery, Lebanon.
  • Graduated from the Grand Lycee school in Beirut - Mission Laique Francaise (1963-1975) and the Freres Mont-la-Salle – Ain Saade (1976).

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