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MP Ghassan Moukheiber announced Monday his engagement on social media, but without disclosing details about his fiancé or the couple’s plans.

Longtime Lebanese bachelor MP gets engaged

BEIRUT: Longtime bachelor MP Ghassan Moukheiber Monday announced his engagement on social media, without disclosing details about his fiancée or the couple’s plans.

“Dear Friends: I am very happy to inform you that I got engaged with much love to Miss Marina Wakim from Beit Mery,” Moukheiber wrote on his Facebook page, “in a small family dinner celebration on Sunday October 5.”

In a phone call with The Daily Star, Moukheiber said he preferred not to publicize the date of the wedding or share details about his new fiancée.

“I found it appropriate to post the news on social media,” he said, “but beyond that, anything else is private.”

“She’s pretty unhappy with public exposure,” he added in reference to Wakim, “and I will have to respect that.”

The 56-year-old lawmaker, who is a member of the Change and Reform bloc, confirmed that this was his first engagement.

Representing the Metn district since 2002, Moukheiber is the rapporteur of the Human Rights Parliamentary Committee.

Outside of his official post, he is a long-time civil society activist and is the chairman of the Arab Region Parliamentarians Against Corruption organization.

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