BEIRUT: Parliament plunged into darkness at 2.30 p.m. Wednesday - an unprecedented incident in a country where severe power rationing has become a regular occurrence.

“Unprecedented power cut in Parliament: no electricity since 2:30 PM. Currently working to the light of my laptop,” tweeted MP Ghassan Moukheiber, who also posted a photo from Parliament showing darkness in his office and corridors.

“Parliament is now equal to suffering people, except we don't run a generator just for me and don't have a deal with neighborhood generator!!,” he added.

In separate remarks to The Daily Star, Moukheiber said he thought guards at Parliament did not turn on the generator because he was the only MP still at his office in late afternoon.

“I am working and I have people with me. I have things to do,” said Moukheiber, one of the few active lawmakers.

“I don’t know if there is a generator in the first place and if there is one, they will not turn it on just because one MP is still in his office,” Moukheiber explained. “Sometimes they turn off the AC in a bid to pressure me to leave if I stay after 5 p.m. I sometimes do leave if it becomes too hot.”

Lebanon has been witnessing increased hours of power rationing due to continuous strikes and protests held by Electriticite du Liban contract workers who have blocked entrances to the company’s headquarters across the country.

They are demanding full-time staff positions for all employees.